Friday, February 22, 2019

February 25th - March 1st

I hope you all enjoyed your last weekend. Please read all the way to the bottom of this blog.

Reading to the Kindergarten Students. Starting this Monday, we are going to devote one day of the week to read books to the Kindergarten students for a period of 20 minutes. This is a great opportunity for the children to practice their reading strategies, improve their fluency, and use the sight words learned in context. The First Graders are extremely excited to be the big kids who are getting ready to move on to second grade. For this activity, we require that the students bring a book from home that they feel comfortable reading and that would be easy for a 5 year old to understand. If you do not have a book, we are going to be using one from our classroom or the school library.

This week your child will be inquiring in the following:

This week your child will be reviewing all the Word Walls with various chants and activities. The spelling challenge will be on Friday, March 1st. The five new words that we will be introducing this week are:


FF.1  Is the noun a person, animal, place, or thing?
FF.2 Select the nouns

FF.3 Identify nouns in a sentence

We are going to continue reading stories from Owl at Home. We are going to be predicting, identifying the setting and talking about Character Traits.

Last week, the children all enjoyed learning about Spiders. They learned a variety of facts, which the students included in their writing pieces. For this week, we will be learning about Bats. The children will write an informative piece about all the facts they will be learning. If you happen to have any books, posters, or any other resource that might be useful for us, it would be greatly appreciated. 

We will continue out unit about Maps. Last week the children enjoyed drawing maps of places around the school and of our classroom. If you have any maps, globe, compasses, or anything else related to the unit that you would like to share, please bring them in and have your child's name on them. 

This week we are starting a new chapter. Your child will learn about Two-Digit Addition and Subtraction.

Dr. Seuss's birthday is coming up soon! We will be honoring his 115th birthday by studying about his biography and reading books about him. If your child would like to share any of their favorite books, please have your child bring them in. Make sure that your child´s name is written on each book.  On Friday, March 1st your child can come to school wearing a shirt or any other item from Dr. Seuss. 

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