Sunday, November 3, 2013

Week14 Nov 4-Nov 8

Dear Parents,
I hope that everyone had a great long weekend and are ready for another exciting week!
I would like to remind all parents to read all the special teachers' blogs, as well as the administration blog. Each blog includes important information about your child's learning and the school.

From Ms. Giles:

·        PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT THIS WEEK -  Missi Love is returning for a follow-up training at the end of this week. She will work with all of our teachers on the Four Blocks Literacy Program, Literature Circles, and 6+1 Traits of Writing, and guide teachers’ discussions of how they grade written work, and why. This will take place on Friday, November 8 and Saturday, November 9. These two days will be full working days for teachers.  There will be no school for students on Friday, November 8 as stated in the school calendar.

·        DONATIONS NEEDED:  Please remember to send in cereal boxes for Ya Tengo Donde Escribir” between now and November 20. The grade that brought the most boxes will be awarded a pizza party or ice cream party! Please help us help those in need!

·        CHILDREN’S OPERA AT THE MANUEL BONILLA – Grades Kindergarten through Fifth have been invited to the presentation of LA TORTUGA Y LA MAGICA CANCION UWUNGELEMA, the first Children’s Opera to be presented in Honduras. This opera was written and directed by Maestro Jorge Mejia. The students will attend this presentation this Wednesday, November 6. We will leave the school at 8:00 a.m. and return at around 11:00 a.m. The fee for the entrance and transportation is L180.00. If you have not sent this fee, please make sure you do so by Monday.  For this field trip, each grade must have one parent chaperon for every 4 students. If you are interested in helping, please contact your child’s teacher. Since this is a field trip to the National Theater, we are asking students to dress formally for this occasion (i.e. dress/skirt and blouse and dressy shoes for girls, slacks, shirt and shoes for boys).
This week your child will be inquiring into the following:
Language Arts

Working With Words: This week's words are than, my, water, first, and been. Your child will be learning these words as well as reviewing older words through various chants and activities. The spelling challenge will be this Thursday. It would benefit your child to review these words daily.
Reading- This week your child will be exploring how to use pictures to aid in comprehension. We will also identify similarities and differences between 2 texts. Use context clues to help understand new words, and retell information in his/her own words.
Writing- This week we will use webs as a pre-writing strategy in order to write about spiders. The students will be writing to inform.

Math -Your child will be starting Chapter 4 this week. This chapter is all about subtraction and counting back. You can help your child with this skill by reviewing the order of numbers and asking him/her questions like, "What number is one less than 7?" What number is two less than 10?" and/or asking him/her to count back from 20.
Theme- Your child will be beginning his/her first science theme this week. The class will be investigating weather.

  IXL: D9,D10, D11 E1,E2
Reading- Read 10 minutes fill in Reading Log
Math- Subtraction worksheet 
Working with Words- Synonym worksheet
Reading- Read 10 minutes fill in Reading Log
Math- Subtraction worksheet 
Working with Words- Spelling worksheet

 Reading- Read 10 minutes fill in Reading Log
Math- Subtraction worksheet 
Working With Words- Study for Spelling Challenge
Spanish- Worksheet

Reading- Read 10 minutes fill in Reading Log
Math- Subtraction worksheet 
Working with Words- Antonym worksheet


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