Monday, February 18, 2013

Week 26- February 18th-22nd

Dear Parents,

We hope the long weekend was an enjoyable one for everyone!
A big thank-you to the parents that helped out with Valentine's Day! Everyone loved the snacks!
Please remember that your child needs to return his/her progress report, signed, to the teacher as soon as possible. If any parents are having difficulty reading the MAP report, please feel free to make an appointment with either Ms. Colette or Ms. Magda so they can better explain it to you.
This week, your child will be inquiring into the following:

Language Arts 
Phonics-  This week's words are great, where, help, through, and much. Your child will be learning these words and reviewing older words through various chants and activities.
Reading- This week the classes will begin reading fairy tales. Your child will explore the characteristics of fairy tales and discuss how culture affects the way a fairy tale may be written. The class will be reading two different Little Red Riding Hoods, one from the U.S and one from China. If your child would like to bring a fairy tale to share with the class, please have him/her bring in the book this week. If possible, we would like to keep the book for about a week. If you would prefer to have the book back the same day, please let the teacher now.
Writing- Students will finish publishing and sharing their facts about a president and short piece entitles, 'If I Were President, I would...'

Math- The class will estimating the positions of numbers on a number line, inquire into the hundreds value, and sort objects by one attribute.  The following skills should be practiced on IXL under The First Grade math skills- Comparing- G1-G4 and the second Grade math skills-Place Values- M.1, M.4, M.7, M.8, M.9, and M.13 (same as last week) and M10, Logical Reasoning-O1.

Science- This week's science class will be spent investigating what 'the scientific method' means and getting ready for science fair.


Reading-Read for at least 10 minutes and fill out the reading log.
Math- Number Line Estimation worksheet
Phonics- Unscramble the Word activity

Reading-Read for at least 10 minutes and fill out the reading log
Math-Ordering 3 Numbers worksheet
Phonics-Word Search Activity

Reading-Read for at least 10 minutes and fill out the reading log.
Math-Exploring Hundreds worksheet
Phonics- Study for Friday's spelling challenge

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