Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week 9- October 8th-12th

Dear Parents,

We hope everyone had a fun weekend!
A reminder that the next two weeks are short weeks. There is no school on Friday, October 12th and Monday, October 15th.
The annual Parent Luncheon will be held Friday, October 19th. This is a day when parents can join their child for lunch. Pre-order menus will be going home soon. This is a fun day for both parents and students and we hope to see you that day!
'Book Character Day' is not too far away. We would like to remind you that your child will be encouraged to come dressed like his/her favorite book character on Wednesday, October 31st and be ready to present his/her costume and book to the class. There are a few links to websites that show how to make homemade costumes under the 'Links' heading for the parents who are thinking of making a costume.
The Seniors will be having a cash raffle during the U.N. Day celebration, Thursday, October 25th. The first place prize will be L5,000, second place will be L3,000 and third place will be L2,000. Tickets will be L50 and all the money raised will go towards the Seniors community service.
Your child will inquire into the following this week:

Language Arts
Phonics- This weeks words are many, them, then, these, and so. Your child will be learning these words and reviewing older ones with various chants and activities. There will be a 'Spelling Challenge' on Thursday, October 11th.
Reading-This week your child will be reviewing the skill creating mental images from print through a poem entitled, 'A Special Gift'. Your child will also be learning about nonfiction texts by reading information about Christopher Columbus.
Writing- Your child will be inquiring into prewritting by exploring how to plan his/her writing. He/she will also write a short infromative piece on Christopher Columbus.

Math-Your child will be starting Chapter 3 this week, 'Strategies for Additions Facts to 12'. He/she will be inquiring into counting on, using commutative properties, and using a number line to find sums.

Theme- Your child will be presenting his/her newspaper article about him/herself. He/she will also have the opportunity to listen to 5 guest speakers discuss their nationality and traditions. Your child will then create a cultural plate about one of the guest speaker's information.

Reading- Read for at least 10 minutes and fill out the Reading Log.
Math- Counting On worksheet
Phonics- Unscramble the Word activity

Reading-Read for at least 10 minutes and fill out the Reading Log.
Math- Adding in Any Order worksheet
Theme- Christopher Columbus crossword

Reading-Read for at least 10 minutes and fill out the Reading Log.
Math- Adding 1,2, or 3 worksheet
Phonics- Trace the words of the week and study for the Spelling Challenge

No School- Friday, October 12th and Monday, October 15th
Parent Luncheon- Friday, October 19th
U.N. Celebration- Thursday, October 25th
Book Character Day- Wednesday, October 31st
Early Dismissal- Wednesday, October 31st
Class Fee- Please pay the $100 U.S. or L2,000 class fee to the homeroom teacher as soon as possible
Progress Reports- Please return the signed progress reports to the homeroom teacher as soon as possible

IXL- numerous math activites
ICT games- various math activies
ICT games- various Language Arts activities
Starfall- great phonics and reading activities for beginner readers
Internet 4 Classrooms- Many links to free online books that children can listen too or read
Parenting- Homemade Halloween costumes. The page is dedicated to toddler costumes but you can use most of them with any aged children

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