Monday, October 15, 2012

Week 10- October 15th-19th

Dear Parents,

Hope everyone had a relaxing long weekend!
A few parents have told us that some of the pages in our blog do not open. We looked into the problem and think it is fixed. Please let us know if any further problems arise.
The annual Parent Luncheon will be held Friday, October 19th. This is a day when parents can join their child for lunch. Pre-order menus will be going home soon. This is a fun day for both parents and students and we hope to see you that day!
'Book Character Day' is not too far away. We would like to remind you that your child will be encouraged to come dressed like his/her favorite book character on Wednesday, October 31st and be ready to present his/her costume and book to the class. There is a link to 'Country Living' that shows how to make homemade costumes under the 'Links' heading for the parents who are thinking of making a costume.
The Seniors will be having a cash raffle during the U.N. Day celebration, Thursday, October 25th. The first place prize will be L5,000, second place will be L3,000 and third place will be L2,000. Tickets will be L50 and all the money raised will go towards the Seniors community service.
Your child will inquire into the following this week:

Language Arts
Phonics- This week's words are some, herwould, make, and like. Your child will learn these words as well as review older ones through various chants and activities.
Reading-Your child will inquire into the reading skill retelling information in his/her own words using various non-fiction texts. These texts will be about the United Nations (U.N). Your child will learn about 4 of the U.N. branches; UNESCO, the World Peace Mission, UNICEF and the World Food Program. This is in preparation of the upcoming U.N. Day.
Writing- Your child will be exploring more of the pre-writing stage. He/she will be mapping an outline for a story of his/her choice.

Math- The class will be solving problems, using doubles as a strategy for adding, and recognizing facts that have sums of 10.

Theme- Your child will be exploring the U.N. The class will use the information learned and create a  U.N. mural.

Reading- read 10 minutes and fill out the reading log.
             -Reality/Fantasy worksheet
Math- Extra Information worksheet

Reading- read 10 minutes and fill out the reading log.
Writing- All Mixed Up worksheet
Math- Double worksheet

Reading- read 10 minutes and fill out the reading log.
Math- Doubles +1 worksheet
Phonics- study for the spelling challenge by tracing the words and using them in a sentence.


Parent Luncheon- Friday, October 19th
U.N. Celebration- Thursday, October 25th
Book Character Day- Wednesday, October 31st
Early Dismissal- Wednesday, October 31st
Class Fee- Please pay the $100 U.S. or L2,000 class fee to the homeroom teacher as soon as possible
Progress Reports- Please return the signed progress reports to the homeroom teacher as soon as possible

Starfall- various phonics activities and reading practice
Internet4classroom- various reading links, including free stories your child can listen to and read along with
Sheppards Software- really fun math games at various levels
Country Living- homemade Halloween costumes

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