Sunday, October 28, 2012

Week 12- October 29th- November 2nd

Dear Parents,

We hope that everyone had a relaxing weekend! We sure all deserved it!
A huge thank you to all the DPTO, parents, and guests who made the annual U.N. Day celebrations a huge success! All the children appreciated your time and help! Everyone had a blast, as one first grader put it, "This is the best day ever!"
Just a reminder that this Wednesday, October 31st, is Book Character Day. We encourage all students to come to school dressed up as his/her favorite character that day, as well as bring the book his/her character is from. Students are also dismissed early this day. All students will be going home at 11:45 am. Students will be provided with a snack that day so your child does not need to bring a snack or lunch that day.
We need your help (again) please! We would like all the first grade students to bring in a shoe box (or any box that is about the size of a shoe box) to school on Monday. We are hoping to start a small reading project. If you have more than one shoe box, please send it to school. We'll take all your shoe boxes!
Last, there is a new page added to the right hand side called 'Parent Guide to MAP'. You will find more information regarding your child's MAP Progress Report and information on how you can help your child at home.
This week your child will be inquiring into the following:

Language Arts
Phonics-This week's words are look, him, has, into, and time. We will be practicing these words and reviewing older words through various chants and word activities. You child would benefit from reviewing these words nightly.
Reading- Your child will be exploring poems this week. He/she will be reading two poems, Teeny Tiny Ghost and What If? Your child will be identifying rhymes and using those spelling patterns to decode unknown words. He/she will also be searching for various Word Wall words in the poems. Being able to idenfity the Word Wall words in a text will help your child be a better reader. You can practice this skill with your child at home using the weekly five words.
Writing-Your child will be learning how to write a sentence this week and for the next few weeks. Your child will be inquiring into the definition of a sentence and its mechanics.

Math-Your child will be starting Chapter 4 this week. This chapter is all about subtraction and counting back. You can help your child with this skill by reviewing the order of numbers and asking him/her questions like, "What number is one less than 7?" What number is two less than 10?" and/or asking him/her to count back from 20.

Theme- Your child will be beginning his/her first science theme this week. The class will be investigating weather. If by chance any parent knows of a meteorologist can you please let Ms. Magda or Ms. Colette know.

Reading- Read 10 minutes and fill out the Reading Log
Math- Math Counting Back
Phonics- Spelling worksheet
Reading- Read 10 minutes and fill out the Reading Log
Math- Counting Back Using a Number Line worksheet
Language Arts- Is it a sentence?
Reading- Read 10 minutes and fill out the Reading Log
Math- Counting Back worksheet

Reading- Read 10 minutes and fill out the Reading Log
Math- Using Doubles to Subtract Worksheet
Phonics- Study for the spelling challenge by completing the word  activity

Book Character Day- Wednesday, October 31st
Early Dismissal- Wednesday, October 31st. Students go home at 11:45 am

MAP Math
Soft Schools- Various math activities
CPS Math Practice- Page with various math links
Houghton Mifflin Mathematics- Fun Math activities and great test practicing questions
MAP Reading
Olath Schools- AWESOME story site. You may have to register but it's free and worth it!
Study Zone- Language Arts test preparation activities

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