Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week 29, February 27th-March 2nd

Dear Parents,

We hope everyone had a great weekend and are ready for another fun week!
We would like to thank the parents that joined us for the field trip to Walmart. We could not have done it without you! The students had a great time and learned more about needs and wants. It would be interesting to see what your child asks for on your next shopping trip, especially if you ask him/her if the product you are buying or he/she asks for is a need or want.
The annual DPTO Family Movie night will be this Friday, March 2nd at 5:50 p.m. If you bring your ticket from the flyer that was sent home, a free bag of popcorn will be given to you.
Last, we would like to remind all parents to make sure that his/her child bring back the signed Progress report as soon as possible.
This week, your child will inquire into the following:

Language Arts
  • Phonics- This weeks words are very, after, things, our, and just. The class will be reviewing these words and other Word Wall words through various words activities and chants.
  • Reading- This week your child will be reading Green Eggs and Ham,and Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss. He/she will be identifying rhymes and observing spelling patterns, identifying rhymes and sorting nouns while reading these book. Your child will also be reading some informational texts about Dr. Suess. This is all in connection to his birthday this Friday.
  • Writing- Your child will be gathering information about Dr. Suess and writing a short piece about the great author. He/she will present his/her piece to the class. You can prepare your child for this writing activity by asking him/her to write sentences and review facts and opinions at home. He/she can write some facts and opinions about an animal, a parent, or any other topic that he/she finds interesting.
Math- This week your child will be writing 3 digit numbers for a given model of 100s, 10s, and 1s, sorting objects by one attribute, and collecting and organizing data into pictographs and bar graphs.

Theme- Social Studies- Needs vs. Wants- This week your child will
be learning about resources and how people depend on them for food, clothing, clean air and water. Your child will inquire into the important role resources play in our daily lives.


L.A.-Making new words
Math- Hundreds
Reading- read 10 minutes and fill out the reading log

L.A.-Unscramble the sentences
Reading- read 10 minutes and fill out the reading log

Math-Making graphs
Reading-read 10 minutes and fill out the reading log

Math-Bar graph worksheet
L.A- Study for Spelling Challenge
Reading- read 10 minutes and fill out the reading log


Early Dismissal This Wednesday, March 29th, we will have Early Dismissal due to  professional development for the staff. Your child school day ends at 11:45. This day is an A.M schedule for all students
DPTO Family Movie Night Friday, March 2 at 5:30 pm. If you bring your ticket from the flyer that was sent home, a free bag of popcorn will be given to you.
 Water Bottles- Your child needs to bring a water bottle to school everyday. Please write your child's name on the bottle.
Sweaters/Jackets and Other Objects: We ask parents to label all their child’s belongings with a permanent marker. This makes it easier for us to help you look for things if they are misplaced or lost. We also ask for your cooperation by sending back with your child any item he/she brings home that does not belong to him, and to notify the homeroom teacher about it (by text message, email or phone call).
Library- Please make sure your child brings back his/her library book on his/her library day every week.
P.E- Please make sure your child wears proper running shoes and clothes on the days when he/she has P.E

Links learn more about the lexile and find books that are in your child's lexile range
MAP Reading
MAP Math
Learning Box- Review Base Ten and work with a number line marked with multiples of ten

Secret Word- resources

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