Sunday, October 30, 2011

Week 14 October 31st- November 4th

Dear Parents,

Ver imagen en tamaño completoThank you to all the parents that helped out in UN Day, the students had a wonderful time visiting all the different countries, learning interesting facts and sampling delicious food.

We are back to a full week of school and this week your child will be inquiring into the following:
Language Arts
  1. Phonics- Students will be  reviewing all the sight words that are up on the Word Wall.                  
Words for this week:   there, use, which, she, each,do              
  • Reading-Students be identifying the main idea of a story.
  • The students will be reading non-fiction stories about weather  from Reading A-Z books.
  • As a whole class we will be reading Miss Nelson Is Back 
  • Writing-Students will be continuing constructing proper sentences by using the 3 characteristics of a sentence; 1)A sentence must begin with a capital letter. 2) A sentence must end with an end mark. 3) A sentence t be complete.
     2.  Math- We will continue to  focus on subtraction.The class will be learning how to count back using a number line and using doubles as a way to aide them in subtraction.
     3.  Theme- Science-We are beginning our Weather unit. This week the students will be observing the weather using their 5 senses .The students will also be recording the weather.


  • 5 senses flip chart (students will draw pictures of things you can see , smell, taste touch, and hear)                                                          
  • Read 10 min
  • Math subtraction worksheet
  • Math subtracting using doubles
  • Read 10 min
  • Language Arts writing sentences
  • Math subtraction worksheet
  • Read 10 min
  • Study for Spelling Challenge / spelling worksheet
  • Read 10 min

 Important Dates

  • Dont forget that this Friday is HAVE LUNCH WITH YOUR ELEMENTARY STUDENT day. If you would like to order delicious lasagna (meat or spinach) or pizza from the cafeteria please let Martha know!


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