Monday, October 17, 2011

Week 12 October 17th - 21st

Dear Parents,

Next Friday, October 21 is Student Led Conferences / Report Card Day. There will be no classes on this day, but parents need to come with their 1st grader for the conference. Times for appointments will be sent out on Tuesday

Flu & Allergy season are here and sniffles are everywhere. If you would like to donate a box of Kleenex; please send it in with your child. Their noses will surely appreciate it!!  
This week we begin the second quarter in 1 st grade. This is a rather short week, with the holiday on Monday and the conference day on Friday. There will be NO Spelling Test this week. We will be preparing for our Conferences on Friday. However, we will be working on the following:

 Language Arts:

Spelling: We will be reviewing all the words we have studied in quarter 1. A sheet with all the words we studied is being sent home on Tuesday. You may cut these up and use them as flashcards. Your child should know how to read  and write all these words.

Reading/Writing: This week we will be Reading Where The Wild Things Are  by: Maurice Sendak . The students will be relating story events to personal experiences. We will also be sequencing the story. The students will also be creating their own Wild Thing, writing about its favorite food, color and activities.

The students Reading their A-Z books that have been assigned to them. They will also be conferencing with the teacher.

Math:  We will be wrapping chapter 3. please practice adding doubles and doubles plus one. Each student has their own set of flashcards.

Theme: Special UN Project – The 1st graders are working with a pair of Seniors on a cultural project that will be available for parents to purchase on UN Day Celebration on

-Read 10 minutes

-Math: Doubles Worksheet
-Phonics :Practice Sight Word Flashcards 
-Read !0 minutes


-Math- Doubles  Plus OneWorksheet
-Phonics :-Practice Sight Word Flashcards 
-Read 10 minutes

--Math- Practice Double and Doubles Plus One ; using flashcards
-Read 10 minutes

DRAMA CLUB BAKE SALE on Thursday, October 20th.

Student-Led Conferences- Friday, October 21th.

    No School- Monday, October 24th
                         U.N. Day- Friday, October 28th
      Book Character Day- Monday, October 31st. Start thinking about which book character (book before a movie!) you want to dress up as . Dont forget to bring the book!
        HAVE LUNCH WITH YOUR ELEMENTARY STUDENT – The School Cafeteria wants to invite all the Elementary Parents to come and have lunch with their child(ren) on Friday, November 4. On this day, the Adult size meal will be offered for the children size price! A notice for pre-ordering will be sent home next week, but you might want to mark you calendars for that day!

      Here are a few interesting and exciting links that will help you and your child succeed in the first grade:
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