Sunday, September 18, 2011

Week 7 September 19th- 23rd 2011

Week 7                                              

September 19, 2011

Dear Parents,

We hope you enjoyed your holiday/weekend and are ready for another exciting week of first grade!

First Quarter Progress Rreports are going home today, please sign and return them as soon as possible. This week our class will be working on the following:

  • Language Arts
  1. Reading- A-Z Assessments.
  2. Writing- Identifying and writing complete sentences and exploring their characteristics.
  3. Phonics- Recognizing and creating rhymes
  4. Spelling words: for, on,are, as, with,his
  • Math- continuing to practice addition and exploring subtraction.
  • Social Studies- We have finished up our unit on Citizenship. We now will be exploring our unit on Families.We will be comparing different family structures from different cultures.


Monday-Read 10 minutes
             Word family worksheet

Tuesday- Read 10 minutes
             Subtraction Worksheet

Wednesday- Read 10 minutes
                   - Subtraction worksheet
Thursday- Read 10 minutes
                 - Review  words for the Spelling Challenge by completing worksheet

  • Progress reports were sent home on Monday. Please return then signed this week
  • Library is every Friday- please remind your child to bring his/her library book to school on that day
  • Spelling Challenge is every Friday
Thank You

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to the parents who have so far contributed fantastic supplies to our classrooms! So far we have received zip-lock bags, kleenex, Lysol wipes, and magazines
If you would like to contribute something please check our attachment- ''Wish List' to the right of the screen.

Extra Goodies for the Parents!

Great link to learn more about the importance of reading, how to make sure your child is getting the most knowledge out of what they are reading, 100-MUST books all children should read

Fun and exciting educational online games


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