Friday, September 9, 2011

Week 6

Week 6

September 12, 2011

Dear Parents,

This week is going to be a very short week. We have been talking about different kinds of food, in particular, Honduran typical breakfast foods.

Our Independence Day celebration is this coming Tuesday September 13 th from.As part of the educational activities taking place on that day we will be having our "Pot Luck" snack. Each child has a letter intheir folder asking them what to bring on that day. We are asking that you send enough so your child can sharwe with 5 people. Each child is responsible for bringing his /her own drink on that day.
 If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

If your child has a typical Honduran outfit, please have them wear it this coming Friday. If not , your child may come to school in jeans, a white t shirt, cowboy hat, and a red bandana/handkerchief tied aound their neck. he /she may also wear a Honduran soccer uniform.

Friday September 13      Early Dismissal at 11:45

September 14-16            Independence Day Holiday

September 19                 Classes Resume/ Mid term reports sent      home

This week we will be working on the following:

Language Arts: We will be reading The Growing Tree, and discussing the meaning of compassion.
Phonics/ Spelling: We will be reviewing all the words studied up till now. and, a, he, in, it, is, of, that, to,the, was, you

Review and practice these words with your child every day

Social Studies:  Typical Honduran Food

Math: We will be adding vertically. please practice simple addition facts up to 10 with your child.
Vocabulary:  plus(+) , equals(=) , in all, join

Homework Tracker

Monday: Math Addition Worksheet
                Read 10 minutes


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