Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Week 35- April 27th-29th

Dear Parents,
We hope that everyone had a very exciting and relaxing Semana Santa and are ready for the last 6 weeks of school!
  • Just a reminder, the General Assembly meeting is May 5th here at school. Please mark your calendar and we hope to see here.
  • Please don't forget that there will be a birthday celebration  this Thursday, April 28th. Your child does not require a lunch that day, only a snack.
  • There will be no school this coming Monday, May 2nd.

This week, your child will be learning the following:

Language Arts
  • Phonics- This weeks the class will be reviewing older words daily through chants and various activites.There will be no spelling challenge this week.
  • Reading-Your child will inquiring into how to retell information in his/her owns.This is a difficult skill for first graders to grasp, so helping your child with this skill would be benifical.You can help your child with this skill by asking him/her to retell the important information of what he/she has read, to tell you what he/she has learned from the reading, and/or what he/she has read that made him/her really curious and wanting to learn more.
  • Writing- Your child will be finishing his/her book and sharing it with the lower grades. He/she will also reveiw his/her writing skills by writing about his/her Semana Santa.
Math- This week the students will be inquring into probablity. He/ she will learn to predicit how likely and/or unlikely for an event is to happen.
Theme-Science-Organisims- This week your child will explore organisms, as well as comparing animals and plants.


-Reading- Read 10 minutes
-Math- Addition and subtraction worksheet

-Reading-Read 10 minutes
  -Math- Addition and subtraction worksheet

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