Sunday, April 3, 2011

Week 33- April 4th-8th

Dear Parents,
We hope that everyone had a great weekend!
 The DPTO has been working very hard to prepare the traditional MOVIE NIGHT which will take place this Friday April 8th from 5:30 to 8:00 pm. The movies that will be shown simultaneously are “Despicable Me” for the little ones, and “The Social Network” for the older ones. All proceeds will be donated to the victims of the Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami. This will be a fun night for both young and old so please come and help the victims of the Japanese natural disasters.
Thank you to the parents who already donated plastic Easter eggs! There are still many students who did not bring in any eggs. Please send one dozen plastic eggs  to school as soon as possible. You may find them at Yip, Mas x Menos, and Debbie's Corner. 
The weather has been getting very hot and humid and will continue to be so until the end of the year. It is very important that your child drink plenty of water through out the day. Please have your child bring a water bottle to school everyday. Also, we recommend that your child wear a hat and sunblock to school each day. Please label the water bottle and hats.
Last, just a reminder that Wednesday, April 6th is a half day. Your child does not need to bring a lunch to school on that day, only a snack. He/she will be dismissed at 11:45 a.m.
This week, your child will be inquiring into the following;

Language Arts
  • Phonics- This weeks words are say, great, where, help and through. The class will be learning the spelling of these words plus reviewing older words daily through chants and various activites.
  • Reading-The class will be learning more about the reading skill 'reading and following directions'. He/she will be learning this skill through doing a number of experiments during the them block.
  • Writing- Your child will writing his/her very own book this week and next using Eric Carle's books as a guide. Your child will inquire into the purpose of why Eric Carle wrote the books we read in class and will be expected to write his/her book with a purpose. Also, he/she will illustrate his/her books using similar techinques Eric Carle uses in his books.
Math- This week the students will be further exploring chapter 9, Money. He/she will be inquiring into identifying the values of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. We are finding that many of the students are having a difficult time remembering the values of each coin as well as counting on. We strongly suggest that you review these skills with your child daily as well as have him/her play some of the on-line games under 'links'.

Theme-Science-Solids and Liquids- This week your child will explore the properties of liquids.Your child will be performing various experiments using different types of liquids through out the week.


-Reading- Read 10 minutes
-Math- Color By Number- greater and less than worksheet
-Phonics-What Comes Next reading comprehension worksheet

                            -Reading- Read 10 minutes
                            -L.A.- Cause and Effect worksheet
                            -Math-Easter Addition worksheet
-Reading- Read 10 minutes
-Language Arts-Write a sentence for each spelling word
-Math- How Much? worksheet
-Reading- Read 10 minutes
-Phonics-study for spelling challenge
-Math- Easter Addition worksheet

-Reading 10 minutes
-Math- If your child would like to have extra addition or subtraction practice help, he/she will be given a choice to take 1 math practice sheet home for the weekend. This is not mandatory homework. Your child will get to choose if he/she would like the extra help.


We are collecting empty 'Vanish' plastic detergents tubs for Easter. Please have your child bring them to school if you happen to have one/some. 

  • Easter Field Trip-Thursday, April 14th-We will be spending the day at the Chimirri's House, more information will be coming soon.
  • Half Day- Wednesday, April 6th. Children are dismissed at 11:45 a.m.
  • DPTO-check the DPTO website for up coming events and information. DPTO
  • Please label ALL of your child's belongings with a permanent marker; lunch boxes, containers, sweaters, water bottles, bags, etc.
  • Water Bottles- Your child must come to school with a water bottle every day.
  • Library- Please make sure that your child brings his/her library book to school on his/her assigned library day.

Secret Word: Your child must be able to count up to 100 by 5s.

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