Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 23 January 24th-28th

Dear Parents,

Hope everyone is ready for another exciting week!
This week the kindergartens, first graders, and second graders will be celebrating 100 days of school! The 100 days of school activities will take place Friday, January 28th, starting from second period. All the students are responsible for designing a t-shirt, hat, or necklace/ bracelet with 100 things drawn/pinned/ stuck to it. The things can be anything from stickers to rubber bands to beads. The students are expected to wear their '100 Days' object on Friday. If your child decided to make a t-shrit, please put all the objects on the front of the shirt because some of the things can rub against the child's back while he/she is sitting and cause him/her discomfort. We have included an example of a t-shirt that shows 100 dinasours on it.
This week your child will be learning the following:

Language Arts
  • Phonics This week's words are some, would, make, number, and no. The class will be investigating the spelling patterns and meaning of these words plus the older ones through various chants and activities.
  • Reading The class will continue working on fairytales .We will compare/contrast the Three Little Pigs to the play The Three Wolves and Little Pig we saw at Chiminike.We will also be reading other fairytales and continue to be looking for the elemnts that make up fairytales.
  • Writing- This week the class will continue exploring poetry. The children will brainstorm describing words and use these words to create acrostic poems.

Math This week your child will continue to explore time. He/she will continue practicing  telling time to the hour, half an hour, elapsed time. You can help your child with this skill be practicing to read both analogue and digital clocks at home.Your child will also be learning how to read a calendar, focusing on the days of the week and the months of the year. Also, the math games under the 'Links' heading will help your child review the clock and telling time.

Theme-Social Studies-Fairytales and Legends


Math draw/ write activities that take a minute, hour, day to do
Read 10 min.

Math worksheet
Read 10 min.
Read /listen to Little Red Riding Hood (Please use link below)
                                              Math Practice timed test
Study for Spelling Challenge

Little Red Riding Hood

  • 100 Days of School Celebration- Friday, January 28th


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