Friday, October 15, 2010

Week 11 October 18th-22nd

Dear Parents,

We had a great week discussing about our different families and cultures. Thank you for helping your child with such great presentations. This month is very busy!
 U.N. is this Friday. You are welcome to join us and partake in this fun activity. The event will run from 9:00 a.m- 11:45 a.m. This is a half day for students. There is also no school on Monday, October 25th. Book Character day is on Thursday, October 28th. Please keep in mind that your child's costume should be based on a book's character. The children will be doing different activities involving their character. Please be ready to send the book that your child has chosen on Tuesday, October 26th. Student-led conferences are also at the end of the month, Friday, October 29th. You and your child are encouraged to attend. Conference sign-up times will be sent home this week. Please return them as soon as possible so we can best accomdate you.
This week, you child will be learing the following:

Language Arts
  • Phonics-This weeks words are can, an, do, we, and your. The class will also continue examing tongue-twisters and building on the word families.
  • Reading-This week the class will continue reading A-Z books. The studetns will continue focusing on 3 story elements; setting, character, and sequencing main events. You can practice this skill at home by asking your child questions based on the elements after he/she has finished his/her daily reading.
  • Writing-The class is still focusing on sentence writing. You can practice this skill at home by asking your child to start a diary or journal.
Math- This week, your child will focus on adding using doubles, doubles plus 1 and recognizing facts that make 10.

Theme- Social Studies- The class will continue exploring the cultural diversity that exsits among our class. This week , the two classes will come together and inquire into their classmates cultural background. Ask your child about the greeting he/she has learned in different languages. The class will also discuss the importance of the United Nations.


-Math- Doubles worksheet
-Read 10 minutes

-Math- Doubles plus 1
-Read 10 minutes

-Phonics- ABC order worksheet
-Math- doubles flashcards
-Read 10 minutes

-Study for spelling challenge
-Math- Doubles plus 1 flashards
-Read 10 minutes

We would like to thank the parents for continuing to donate items off our Wish List to our classes. This week we recieved 2 plants! If you would like to contribute an item, please have a look at the email that was sent to you last month

  • U.N. Day- Friday, October 22nd
  • No school- Monday, October 25th
  • Book Character Day- Thursday, October 28th
  • Student-Led Conferences- Friday, October 29th
  • Library-Please have your child return his/her library books each Friday
  • P.E.- You child must wear his/her running shoes on his/her P.E day.
  • Water Bottles- Please send a water bottle with your child to school each day
P.S. The secret word for the week is United Nations. Please tell your child the secret word so he/she can tell his/her teacher.

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  1. I like the "secret word of the week" initiative to get parents to read the blog every week. Marissa has been at me ALL DAY to check what the word was! Good trick!