Monday, October 11, 2010

Week 10 October 12th-15th

Dear Parents,

I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend and are all excited about this coming week!
This week the first graders will be starting their new theme, Different Families and Cultures. The students will be focusing on their own family components as well as examining and comparing the cultures of their classmates to their own. We have a very diverse first grade team and to celebrate that we are asking that each student share something interesting about where he/she is from this Thursday, October 14th.  Some examples of what a student can share are favorite food, tradition, holiday, and/or song, as well as a word in his/her native tongue, country flag, or an interesting fact/place from the country he/she is from. 
We are all looking forward to this new theme and hope that you can help your child better understand the importance of family and his/her culture by discussing these topics at home.
Along with the new theme, you child will be learning the following:labelling
  1. Langauge Arts
  • Phonics- This week the class will be reviewing all the words they have studied so far. They will also learning and creating a new tongue twister. 
  • Reading-The class will continue exploring and understanding sequence of important events, as well as characters and setting. 
  • Writing-The class will continue showing their understanding of the characteristics of a sentence by writing various sentences and tongue twisters.
     2. Math- The class will learn counting on using a greater number and with numbers 1, 2, and 3.
         They will also solve problems by identifying unnecessary information.
     3. Social Studies- The class will be exploring the importance of their families and culture.
     4. Computers-The class will finish making and labelling their computers


-Math worksheet- Counting On
                         -Read 10 minutes
-Social Studies- Prepare a short/small presentation about something interesting from your culture/family.
-Read 10 minutes
-Review sight words
-Math worksheet- Counting On
-Read 10 minutes


  • Sharing about Families and Cultures-Thursday, October 14th
  • UN Celebration- Friday, October 22nd
  • Book Character Day-Thursday, October 28th
  • Student Led Conference-Friday, October 29th
  • Library is every Friday. Please make sure your child brings back his/her library book to school everyday Friday.
Thank you!
We would like to thank parents for continuing to contribute goodies to our classes. We received yoga mats earlier last week. If you would like to contribute something, please have a look at the Wish List that was emailed out to all the parents last month.

P.S. We are very curious to see how many parents follow our blog. So to help us, we are asking you to please tell your child the secret word, Family, and have him/her tell the teacher when he/she gets to school.

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