Friday, February 1, 2019

February 4 - February 8

We hope you enjoyed your weekend! We have many exciting events for this week, so please read everything below!

This month your child will have the opportunity to purchase books through the International Scholastic Book Clubs. This is an optional activity offered by the school, in case you want to motivate your child to read at home and to increase their own library. With you purchase, our library will accumulate points to redeem for more books for the benefit of you children in our school. The due date to purchase the books online is February 8th The books will arrive to the school in one single delivery, and we will distribute them to the students according to their orders, approximately three weeks after the purchase due date. 

This Friday February 8th, Early Childhood will be going on a fieldtrip to AGAFAM. We will leave school at 8:00 a.m. and be back by 11:00 a.m. Permission slips went home on Friday. Please fill it out and send 100 Lempiras. This fee will cover transportation and a snack.

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As Valentine´s Day is around the corner, we are requesting you to help your child decorate a shoe box to be used as their mailbox. Be creative, and let your child brainstorm the ideas that he/she would like their box to look like. We are going to display all these lovely mailboxes on Thursday, February 14th for your child to deliver their valentine cards for their friends. This is a voluntary activity. However, if you decide to participate, the only request that we have is that the students should bring one card or treat to each one of the First Grade students. This mailbox should be in school on Wednesday, February 13th.
We have a total of 26 students! Here is the list….

Monserrath Morillo
Diego A. Rivera
Adriana Ortez
Victoria Argueta
Bella Molina
Estrella Puig-Peinado
Catalina Perazzo
Lianna Nuñez
Emiliano Murillo
Valentina Duron
Joshua Aleman
Juwon Sohn
Mia Nuñez
David Emil Ortiz
Mizuki Honjo
Alejandro Valderas
Octavio Sanchez
Camryn McDowell
Pilar Paz
Zia Tompkins
Sophia Robayo
Gina Minou Hernandez
Turner Carnell
Charlotte Trehiou
Nikko Segura-April
Ramsay MacDonald

This week your child will be reviewing all the Word Wall words with various chants and activities. The spelling challenge will be on Friday, February 8th.
The new words are:


For this week, we will be learning about George Washington for President's Day. The children will write an informative piece about all the facts they will be learning. If you happen to have any books, posters, or any other resource that might be useful for us, it would be greatly appreciated.

We are going to continue reading stories from the book Mouse Soup.

This week we are going to start a new chapter. We will be comparing number using the vocabulary greater than, less than, equal to.

Place values
M.3    Place value models up to 100
M.4    Convert between tens and ones
M.5    Write numbers as tens and ones

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