Sunday, January 27, 2019

January 28- February 1

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    One Hundred Days of School is this coming Wednesday! The students will wear a t-shirt with 100 objects on it. (Use the front side of the t-shirt only).  This project needs to be done at home. You can be as creative as you like.
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    Please help us out by sending the item you volunteered with Lianna´s mom. We are going to be doing a variety of activities with the number 100. The children will have a blast! Thanks for your support with this activity!
    This month your child will have the opportunity to purchase books through the International Scholastic Book Clubs. This is an optional activity offered by the school, in case you want to motivate your child to read at home and to increase their own library. With you purchase, our library will accumulate points to redeem for more books for the benefit of you children in our school. The due date to purchase the books online is February 8th.  The books will arrive to the school in one single delivery, and we will distribute them to the students according to their orders, approximately three weeks after the purchase due date.

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    This week your child will be reviewing all the Word Wall words with various chants and activities. The spelling challenge will be on Friday, February 1st. The new words are:

    Resultado de imagen para mouse soup clipartFor this week, we will continue reading the stories of Mouse Soup. This is a chapter book and is helping us out with predicting what the chapters will be about. Also the students are answering comprehension questions after each story. We will continue to discuss story elements. We will be reviewing what a Table of Content is and what it is used for.

    This whole quarter we are going to devote our writing to Informative Writing. This kind of writing tells about a person, place, thing, event, or idea. It has sentences that give facts, details, examples, or explanations. This week we are going to research about bees. We will be activating the children´s knowledge about this wonderful insect and writing about what we learned.

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    This week we will continue to reinforce place value. The children should know how to count by ones, by twos, by fives and by tens to 120. We will be practicing adding 10 to a number. You may want to play some games with your child at home so they can feel more comfortable with this skill. We are going to have a Math Test on Thursday, January 31st. 
     Place values

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    This week we are going to continue with our unit about Space Systems. If you have anything related about this topic, we would appreciate if you would let us borrow it from you. Thank you to the students that have already brought something from home. This is a very interesting topic for our students.

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