Sunday, March 11, 2018

March 12 - 16

I hope you all enjoyed your last weekend.

We would like to invite our lovely daddies to a Father´s Day breakfast on Friday, March 16th. Before having breakfast, the children will perform a Mexican song. Children should come dressed with black pants (boys) or black skirts (girls), a formal white shirt and a Mexican hat. We hope to see all our Daddies attend!

Believe it or not, Easter is just right around the corner. We are requesting Lps. 300 to be sent to school by Monday, March 12th. This money will be used as follows:

Lps. 150 Father´s Day Gift
Lps. 50 Breakfast for Daddies
Lps. 100 Easter Celebration

Our Easter party will be on Friday March 23rd. We are requesting for each child to bring 12 plastic eggs. Also, for this celebration each child should bring their own basket. You will be advise of the logistics during the week.

This week your child will be inquiring in the following:

This week your child will be reviewing all the Word Walls with various chants and activities. The spelling challenge will be on Friday, March 16th. The five new words that we will be introducing this week are:


We are going to be wrapping our book Owl at Home. Also, we are going to start reading a variety of Fairy Tales. The students will be exposed to different versions.
Last week we all enjoyed writing about Dr. Seuss. To wrap up this unit we are going to have a week filled with fun. Remember that this week your child should do the following:

March 12th
Hooray for Hair
Children will come to school with their favorite hair style.
March 13th
Green Eggs and Ham
Children will bring Eggs and Ham for a Snack. (you can also dye them in green)
March 14th
There´s no place like Space
Children will come to School as an Astronaut.
March 15th
Oh Say can You say Dinosaur
Children will bring their favorite dinosaur. (3D model)
March 16th
The Lorax
Children will bring a poster to show how they care about the environment.

Last week the children took home an empty booklet. On this booklet they will have the chance to become authors and illustrators. They will create their own main character and write a 10 page story that goes along with their characters. Each page should have only one to two sentences. These sentences need to have rhyming words. For example,
Page 1: The pig is wearing a wig. The big wig is pink. Page 2: The pig meets the dragon that is pulling a wagon
These books should be turned in back to school on Friday, April 6th. The children will be reading their books to each other and also to other students from other grades. Be creative and remember that imagination can take you everywhere!

In Math we are going to continue learning about comparing numbers. Last week we reviewed the signs of less than, greater than, and equal to.

Counting and number patterns
  A.14 Hundred chart

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