Sunday, December 3, 2017

Dec.4-Dec. 8

Dear  Parents,
I really hope that all my students and their families are staying safe at home and praying for Honduras. We all want to have peace in this lovely nation. We still do not know what is going to happen the following week. For this reason I will be giving some virtual assignments in case we continue to have no school.

 Have students write one sentence with each of the words. The words are: 

As a challenge, encourage them to include a noun, a verb, and an adjective.

What would I like to ask Santa. Have the students write a letter to Santa. We will be displaying these letters in our classroom.

 Practice, Practice, practice.... Have students add and subtract within 20. They should apply the strategies learned in class. Here are some links that you may want to have your child access to play and practice.


 D. 14
  H. 13

 Each student will have a RAZ-Kids Assignment. Have your child read any book and draw their favorite part of the story. On the back of their paper have them write the characters, the setting, the problem and the solution.

God bless Honduras!

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