Friday, February 24, 2017

Feb. 27 - March 3

 We hope you enjoyed your weekend! 
Dr. Seuss's birthday is coming up soon! If your child would like to share any of their favorite books, please have your child bring them in.  On Thursday, we will dress up as our favorite character from Dr. Seuss. On Friday, March 3rd, we will wear crazy, mismatched socks. We have begun our maps and fairy tale unit in Social Studies and Reading. If you have any maps, globes, compasses, or fairy tales, please send them in with your child. Please make sure your child's name is on the items, so we can return them back to you at the end of the unit. We already have some and we would like to thank you for your support!!

 This week your child will be reviewing all the Word Walls with various chants and activities. The spelling challenge will be on Friday, March 3rd. The six new words that we will be introducing this week are:


 For this week, we will be learning about Dr. Seuss and some of his books. 

The students will be continuing to practice writing a "How To" piece, explaining the steps in great details. 

We will be continuing learning about Maps. We are going to focus on directions and symbols.

This week your child will learn about adding and subtracting two digit numbers within 100. 

Addition strategies

E.10 Add a multiple of ten

Reading: 10 min Daily fill in Reading log (R.E.D. folder)

Math: Addition Worksheet
Reading: 10 min Daily fill in Reading log (R.E.D. folder)

Writing Make lemonade!!
How to make lemonade explaining the steps.
Reading: 10 min Daily fill in Reading log (R.E.D. folder)

Español:  Worksheet
WWW:  Study for Spelling Challenge
Reading: 10 min Daily fill in Reading log (R.E.D. folder)

Reading: RAZ Kids Assignment

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