Sunday, October 16, 2016

Week 11 October 17-21


We hope you enjoyed your weekend!
This coming Friday, October 21st, we are having our Student -Led Conferences. On Monday, inside your child’s folder, you will find your conference time. If you have any questions or inconveniences, please contact me, so we can meet at another time. Please remember these are student-led conferences, your child must accompany you on Friday.

~Grade 1 has been learning a lot about the United Nations and some of their different branches.At the end of this unit they will be working as partners on their U. N. project.They will be creating an informative poster to present to the class.

~This week we will have two special guests that will be coming in to talk to us a little bit about UNICEF and WFP (World Food Program) and what they do around the world. 

~All parents are invited to stay and partake in the annual U.N. Day celebration here at school on Friday, Oct. 28th . This is a very fun and exciting day for all, where parents and children get together to learn about new cultures. This is also a half day. All students will be going home at 11:45 a.m on this day.

:This week your child will be reviewing all the Word Wall words with various chants and activities.The spelling challenge will be on Thursday this week due to conferences. 
Spelling words:    him, into, look, has, time

Reading,Writing,&Social Studies:

The students will be working with their partners.They will be recalling information, retelling key details of a text, organizing their information, and creating their project about the UN.

:This week your child will continue working on learning addition strategies such as adding in any order, counting on, adding doubles, and adding doubles plus one /doubles minus one.

Vocabulary: Count on, doubles, doubles +1, doubles -1

Reading: Read for 10 minutes and fill in the reading log.
Working With Words: Worksheet

Reading: Read for 10 minutes and fill in the reading log.
Math:  Worksheet, Count On

Reading:Read for 10 minutes and fill in the reading log.
Español: Worksheet
Working With Words:   Study for Spelling Challenge

Reading:Read for 10 minutes and fill in the reading log.

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Dress Up / Costume  Day  is  around  the corner.We are goingtobehavingacelebration onMonday,October31st. On this day students will come to school dressed up as their favorite book, or movie character. 

We will also be trick or treatingaroundschool. Please send in one bag of candies, lollipops, chocolates or any small treats or toys. Please send in by Tuesday October 25th.

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