Sunday, October 9, 2016

Week 10 October 10-14

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Dear Families, 

Welcome Back! I hoped everyone enjoyed their October holidays!

This week, your child will inquire into the following:

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Students will be reviewing the word wall words we have studied up to this point through various activities and chants. The spelling challenge will be on Friday.  

New Vocabulary: make, her, would, like,some.

With our U.N. day coming up at the end of the month, we will be reading materials and learning about the United Nations (U.N.) and its different programs. For this week, We will be discussing about World Food Programme (WFP) and UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).  

~ In relation to our reading, we will be creating poster about UN and focusing on how to peer review. There are IXL skills I have added to the bottom of the blog. It’s a wonderful way to get some extra practice. 

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For this week’s math, we will furthering our learning of addition with its different strategies. We will be learning about commutative properties and adding doubles.Your child will take the Chapter 2 test on Friday, so please make sure they are fully rested and have a great breakfast!


Social Studies will tie in with our reading and writing about UN.


IXL skills: 1-A.11,1-A.19,1-A.20,1-B.3,1-F.3.

·  Reading- read for 10 minutes and fill in the Reading Log
·  W.W.W.- Worksheet Writing Sentences

·  Reading- read for 10 minutes and fill in the Reading Log
·  Math- Worksheet P45

·  Reading- read for 10 minutes and fill in the Reading Log
·  Español- worksheet

·  Reading- read for 10 minutes and fill in the Reading Log
·  W.W.W.- ABC Order Worksheet

Announcements will be posted on Monday.

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