Friday, December 12, 2014

December 15, 2014

Dear Parents,

    HO, HO, HO…..  Christmas is around the corner!

This week your child will be inquiring into the following:

Language Arts
Working With Words: Students work with words from the word wall, to be able to identify them in the shortest time possible. We will be reviewing past word lists through various chants and activities and games.

Reading: We  will be reading the poems Hanukkah Treats and How to talk to your Snowman, and Twas the Night Before Christmas, to identify words and phrases that suggest feeling or appeal to senses.
Vocabulary : Xmas words
Christmas, Santa, North Pole, wreath, candles, bells, holly, angel, fireplace, light, elf, decorations, ornaments, tree, sleigh, gift, candy cane, stocking, gift, present, garland, Saint Nicolas.

Writing:  Students will write a friendly letter and Christmas cards.

Math:  We will review addition and subtraction strategies learned to solve problems within 20.

Science: Students will learn about the WATER CYCLE, and discover and discuss important information about it.

Our class Christmas celebration will take place next Wednesday, December 17th. We will celebrate this day by enjoying our annual gift exchange, watching a movie; Mickey Mouse´s Once Upon a Christmas, and having Christmas breakfast and lunch.
·       The students may come dressed in their pajamas, Christmas hats and bring their favorite stuffed animal.
The first grade gift exchange is a tradition in our class and we hope to have everyone participate this year. We ask that the girls buy a gift for a girl and all the boys for a boy. The gift should not be more that 150 Lps. Please bring the gift wrapped and labeled “Girl' or 'Boy' as soon as possible. Please do not show your child the gift for it is possible that your child will pick that gift on Wednesday.
Students will enjoy a pancake and hot chocolate breakfast. We will make the pancakes here at school.
Lunch will be ordered from the cafeteria. The Christmas menu is pizza, lemonade, and a Christmas treat.
The cost of breakfast and lunch is 120 Lps
Please keep in mind the following:
·       Gift price 150 Lps.
·       There is a possibility that your child may go home with his/ her own present.
·       No food items as gifts (chocolate, cookies, etc.)
·       Please send the gift in as soon as possible.

Thank you very much! Merry Christmas
Ms. Nora & Ms. Colette

Reading: Read for at least 10 minutes and record pages read in log.
Language: Sight words crossword puzzle.
Math: Addition and Subtraction Worksheet
IXL: C.7

Reading: Read for at least 10 minutes and record pages read in log.
Math:  Addition and Subtraction Worksheet
IXL: C.8

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