Sunday, September 29, 2013

Week 9 September 30th- October 4

Week 9

September 30, 2013

Dear Parents,

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend!

This week first grade will have 2 Map sessions. Math part 1 will be taken on Monday, September 30th and Reading part  1will be taken on Tuesday, October 1st. Please make sure your child is well rested and has a nutritious breakfast. These are two key elements that will help your child succeed on his/her MAP tests.

Guest Speakers Wanted

If you are interested in sharing interesting facts about your culture with first grade, please let me know so we can schedule your visit. These presentations will be held October 7th-9th.

Last, 'Book Character Day' is just around the corner. We would like to remind you that your child can come to school dressed like any book character he/she chooses and will be asked to bring the book his/her character is from to school on that day. Dressing up is fun and we encourage all students to do so. We also encourage the students to work with their parents on making the costume. There are many costume ideas on the internet and this is a great opportunity for you and your child to work together and expand your child's (and yours) imagination! We have included a link about homemade Halloween costumes under the 'Links' heading.

This week your child will inquire into the following:

Language Arts

Working With Words-This week's words are him, into, time, has, and look. Your child will be learning these words, plus reviewing older ones, through various chants and activities. Spelling Challenge on Friday.

Reading-This week your child will continue reading Nate the Great. Your child will be reviewing the following reading skills with this book; setting, character, beginning, middle and end, problem, and identifying the main idea.

Writing-Your child will be understanding how sentences are made up of 2 parts; subject and predicate. And how these 2 parts must agree in order for them to be correct.
Math-Your child will be finishing Chapter 2 this week. He/she will compare 2 groups to find out how many more or fewer and write subtraction sentences to compare. We will begin Chapter 3 Strategies for Addition Facts.

Theme-Your child will continue to discuss and create All About Me Posters that represent their traditions, language, customs, food, and language. You can help your child with this activity by discussing your nationality with him/her in English if possible.

IXL: A.10,A.16,A.18,C.1 



Reading-Read 10 minutes and fill out the reading blog

Math-Using Cubes to compare worksheet

                                                Language Arts- Word wall worsheet


Reading-Read 10 minutes and fill out the reading blog

Math- Review Chapter 2 Worsheet

Language Arts   - Writing Sentences Worksheet


Reading-Read 10 minutes and fill out the reading blog

 Language Arts   - Write a List

Spanish- Worksheet


Reading-Read 10 minutes and fill out the reading blog


Phonics- Study for the Spelling Challenge Worksheet


Water Bottles- All students must bring a water bottle to school everyday

Name Labels- Please label all your child's belonging with a permanent marker


MAP Math

MAP Reading

Starfall- great phonics website! Your child can listen to English books and read along with them

Woodlands-Junior Kent School- Interactive English Words and Spelling activities

APlus Math- Various math activities

Martha Stewart- Homemade Halloween Costumes- some really great ide

MAP FALL TESTING SESSION – This is the second week of our Map testing session. Parent cooperation in making sure our students are in school on time is greatly appreciated. 
DONATIONS NEEDED: “Ya Tengo Donde Escribir” is an organization aiming to help children from public schools that cannot afford notebooks. In order to help, the organization makes notebooks out of cereal boxes and pages from used notebooks. They are now collecting cereal boxes until November 20, and we encourage our students and teachers to bring cereal boxes from their homes. At the end of the contest, the grade that brought the most boxes will be awarded a pizza party or ice cream party! Please help us help those in need!

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