Sunday, September 8, 2013

Week 6 September 9th-13th

Monday September 9, 2013


Dear Parents,

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!


This Thursday, September 12th, the school will be having the Independence Day celebrations starting at 9:00 am. We will begin the celebrations by having a traditional Honduran breakfast in the classroom. Each student is responsible to bring in his/her assigned food item. Yudia Alvarado is helping out by organizing the food and beverages for our typical breakfast. She will be getting in touch with you. Thank you Yudia!

 This is a half day. Students will be going home at 11:45 am. Your child does not need to bring in a snack for break or lunch that day. Your child is encouraged to wear traditional Honduran clothing or blue and white. Parents are welcome to join us at the Independence Day assembly at 11:00am. There is no school this Friday, September 13th, and Monday, September 16th. Classes resume on Tuesday, September 17th.


This week, your child will inquire into the following:

Language Arts

 •Phonics- There will be no new words this week. Students will be reviewing all the word wall words we have studied up to this point through various activities and chants. This week there will be no spelling challenge due to the short week.  

 •Reading- This week your child will be reading Danny and the Dinosaur by Syd Hoff. Your child will be learning the reading skills of identifying characters, setting, retelling the story and sequencing (beginning, middle, and end) with this text.

 •Writing- Your child will be inquiring into how focus on a topic and writing their opinion about Danny and the Dinosaur, supporting it with at least two reasons.

Math- This week your child will be learning how to solve vertical and horizontal addition problems and solving problems by writing number sentences. There are math on-line activities under the 'Links' heading that your child can play to practice addition.

Theme- Social Studies-- The class will also be starting the next unit, All About Me. Your child will be identifying his/her role in his/her immediate family.




IXL SKILLS: B.7,B.9,B.10,and B.11
  • Reading- read for 10 minutes and fill in the Reading Log
  • Math-  addition worksheet
  • Language Arts- Unscrambling sentences


  • Reading- read for 10 minutes and fill in the Reading Log
  • Math- Addition worksheet
  • Language Arts – Writing sentences correctly

  • Reading- read for 10 minutes and fill in the Reading Log
  • Math- addition worksheet
  • Spanish – worksheet

  • Reading- read for 10 minutes and fill in the Reading Log
  • Math- addition worksheet
  • Language Arts- Sight word crossword puzzle
Independence Day Celebration- Thursday, September 12th
Early Release- Thursday, September 13th, 11:45 am
No School- Friday, September 13th and Monday, September 16th.

DPTO - Parents, please take a minute and fill out the short survey for the Discovery School Parent-Teacher Organization.  As you are part of the DPTO, the executive team wants your feedback and ideas on events and focus for the year.  Both parents are encouraged to fill out the survey. The link to fill out the survey is


FROM THE FINANCE OFFICE – Parents who are not using an automatic debit system with a credit card to pay tuition are asked to stop by the Finance Office to obtain their payment cards as soon as possible.


 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPEMENT IN SEPTEMBER – On September 23rd, Ms.        Judi Fenton is returning to Discovery to follow up on her visit and Professional Development sessions with teachers. There will be no school on Wednesday, September 25, so teachers can participate in an all-day training.



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