Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week 28-March 4th-8th

Dear Parents,

We hope everyone had a relaxing and not too chilly weekend!
There are a few things we hope all parents can help us with this week.
First, we need trinkets for our 'Grade 1 Shop' next week. If you happen to have left over prizes from birthday goody bags and/or toys from fast food kids' meals we would very much appreciate it if you could donate them to our shop. The kids will be starting money this week and next week we would like to turn our classrooms into little stores where the children will use their counting and money knowledge to buy stuff.
Second, the students will be learning about maps in social studies for the next few weeks. We would very much appreciate it if you would be able to lend us any materials you have related to the topic; any maps, compass roses, globes etc. Please label all your materials and they will be returned to you in a few weeks.
Last, Easter is just around the corner and we need plastic eggs for the egg hunt. We are asking if each child could bring a dozen plastic eggs (the ones that can be open) as soon as possible. If are having trouble finding some, please ask Ms. Colette or Ms. Magda for help.
This week, your child will be inquiring into the following:

Language Arts 
Phonics- This week's words are same, tell, boy, following, came, want, and show. Your child will be learning these words and reviewing older words through various chants and activities.
Reading-Your child will continue exploring fairy tales this week. The classes will be presenting their fairy tale skits to the the lower grades. They will also be reading a fairy tale, identifying it's fairy tale elements and completing a story map about the tale.
Writing- The class will be learning about apostrophes in contractions this week. You can help your child with this skill by pointing out the contractions in the next story your child might be reading and asking them what words make the contraction. Or, ask your child to make a contractions with some of the words in a story. For example, if you see the words 'do not' is a story, ask your child to make the contraction that goes with the words.

Math- Your child will be finishing chapter 8 this week and starting chapter 9, Money. The class will be examining and working with American change (penny, nickel, dime, and quarter). Your child must be able to identify the coins according to the pictures on them as well as skip count to count the total of coins. Your child would benefit from you spending some time and discussing the pictures on the coins. Also, practicing counting by 5s and 10s will help your child. The following skills on IXL should be practiced this week; First grade, Money- N.1, N.2,  and N.4. Your child is welcome to practice the other skills as well, however, we will not be discussing the quarter until next week, so your child might need your help.

Social Studies-Your child will be starting social studies this week with the focus being of maps, and communities. Your child will be inquiring into basic components of a map, as well as finding his/her neighborhood, school, city, and country on a map. It would be helpful if your child knew the name of the neighborhood/community he/she lives in.

Reading-Read for at least 10 minutes and fill out the reading log
                    -Jig Saw Puzzle activity
                     -Make a character mask for the play- Your child needs to make a mask for the play this Wednesday. Please keep this simple. All you need to do is provide your child with a paper plate and let your child draw the face. You will need to help your child by cutting out the eyes and mouth. Please make the mouth big enough so your child can be heard. Bring the mask to school by Wednesday, March 6th.
Math- Review worksheet

Reading-Read for at least 10 minutes and fill out the reading log.
Math- Fact Family worksheet
Social Studies- Draw a picture map of your bedroom- Do not label anything or make a key. This will be done in class.

Reading-Read for at least 10 minutes and fill out the reading log
Math-Solving Word Problems worksheet
Phonics-Fill in the Blanks Activity

Reading-Read for at least 10 minutes and fill out the reading log.
Math-Nickel and Penny worksheet
Phonics- Study for Friday's spelling challenge

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