Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Week 6- September 17th-21st

Dear Parents,

We hope that everyone had a very relaxing long weekend!
We are very excited for this week because the first graders will be doing their first MAP assessment! There will be 4 MAP assessments in total, 2 math and 2 reading tests. If you would like some more information about MAP please visit the pages on your right. There are also a couple websites under the 'Links' heading  that will help your child get familiar with the type of questions that he/she may see on the assessment.
The first graders will be doing a Language Arts project and they need your help. Can you please send in a coat hanger with your child to school as soon as possible?
And if you have not paid the class fee of $100 US or 2000Lempira, we ask that your do so as soon as possible.
Last, there will be a nutrition talk this Friday at 2:30 pm in the library for all parents. Ms. Erika Corletto will be speaking to the parents about the importance of a well balanced diet. All parents are welcome!
This week, your child will be inquiring into the following:

Language Arts
 •Phonics- This week's words are there, each, which, an, and use. Students will be reviewing these words plus other Fry words through various activites and chants. Please remember that there is a Spelling Challenge every Friday unless stated otherwise.
 •Reading- This week your child will be reading chapter 1 of Little Bear's Visit by Home Else Holmelund. Your child be learning the reading skills of identifying the main idea with this text.
 •Writing- Your child will be learning how to use the classroom and other resources for spelling help.

Math- This week your child will be inquiring into addition sentences and sums, as well as starting subtraction. There are online math games that will help your child with these math skills located under the 'Links' heading.

Theme- Social Studies-- This week your child will be starting the next unit, All About Me. Your child will examine his/her role in his/her larger family. You can help your child with this unit by talking about your family, including your extended family, and the role each person plays in the family. For example, the Grandmother might be the one who always makes special food for the holidays. Your child will be responsible for creating a family tree for 2 generations next week.


 Reading- read for 10 minutes and fill in the Reading Log
Math-  Adding with Zero worksheet
Phonics- Beginning Sounds worksheet

 Reading- read for 10 minutes and fill in the Reading Log
Math- Finding the Sum worksheet
Phonics- Sight Word puzzle

Reading- read for 10 minutes and fill in the Reading Log
Phonics- study for spelling challenge

Class Fee- Please pay the $100 class fee as soon as possible
Nutrition Talk- Friday, September 21st at 2:30pm in the library
Coat Hanger- please send a coat hanger to class with your child

MAP Math
MAP Reading
IXL- various math skills can be practiced
Cool Math 4 Kids- games and explanations of various math skills
Game Quarium- fun math games but takes some time to navigate
Game Quarium- 'Beginning Sounds' games but again you will need to help your child search for the right game
Game Quarium- "Beginning Reading' activities. Your child can listen and read an English book in the first activity

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