Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 24, January 23rd-27th, 2012

Dear Parents,

Hope everyone is ready for another exciting week!
This week the kindergartens, first graders, and second graders will be celebrating 100 days of school! The 100 days of school activities will take place Friday, January 27th, starting from second period.
The kindergarteners and first graders are asked to wear something with 100 items on it. Your child may attach 100 items to his/her t-shirt, cap, necklace, vest, pants, belt and/or any other apparel. These items can be stickers, safety pins, buttons, silly bands, small toys or anything creative! If your child decided to make a t-shrit, please put all the objects on the front of the shirt because some of the things can rub against the child's back while he/she is sitting and cause him/her discomfort. In addition, it would be a great learning experience for the child to attach the items in groups of 10 so that your child can see and learn how 10 groups of 10 equal 100. These items should be completed and worn to school on Friday.

This week your child will be learning the following:

Language Arts
  • Phonics- This weeks words are now, find, long, down, day and did. Your child will be learning these words along with reviewing older words through various words activities and chants.
  • Reading- You child will continue to focus on two reading skills this week: 1) understanding vocabulary by using context clues and 2) retelling information in his/her own words by reading Kiss for Little Bear by Else Holmelund Minarik. The second skill is a very difficult skill for first graders. You can help your child with this skill by asking them to cover up a page he/she has just finished reading with his/her hand and retell you the information from the page in his/her own words. You child should only tell you the most important information and not all the details.
  • Writing- You child will be beginning to write/create a picture book based on the question, "If I had $100, what would I do?" to go along with the 100 days of school celebration. To gain a better understanding of picture books, it would benefit your child if he/she read some picture books this week. Reading picture books is just as important as reading books with words.
Math- This week your child will be continue learning numbers up to 100. The class will investigate estimating quantities of items using groups of 10 as well as counting by 2s, 5s and 10s on a 100 chart. Your child will be examing the patterns when counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s on the 100 chart. You can help your child with these skills by asking him/her to count to 100 by 2s, 5s, and 10s.

Theme- Social Studies- Maps- This week your child will inquire into cardinal directions by participating in a scavenger hunt. Your child will begin to identify the location of his/her school, home, neighborhood, community, city and country. You can help your child with these skills by looking at maps, like a map of Honduras or Tegucigalpa, asking your child to locate the compass rose and asking him/her what the N, E, S, and W stand for. Also, explore with your child the location of Tegucigalpa or other cities.

Math- Estimating worksheet
L.A- write about what you will be wearing to school for the 100 days celebration
Reading- Read 10 minutes and fill in Reading Log

Math- Stamp Collection worksheet
L.A.- Making Words activity
Reading- Read 10 minutes and fill in Reading Log

Math- Color the numbers you say when counting by 2s on the 100 chart
L.A.- Printing Practice- complete one page in your handwriting book
Reading-Read 10 minutes and fill in Reading Log

Math- Scavenger Hunt worksheet
L.A.-Study for the spelling challenge
Reading- Read 10 minutes and fill in Reading Log


DPTO Fun Run: Our annual school Fun Run will take place on Saturday, January 28, from 8:30 a.m. There will be the traditional run, games, and a complimentary pancake and fruit breakfast to follow. The pledge forms were sent home last week; however, if you would like an additional copy, please download it from the administration blogs.
Sweaters/Jackets and Other Objects: We ask parents to label all their child’s belongings with a permanent marker. This makes it easier for us to help you look for things if they are misplaced or lost. We also ask for your cooperation by sending back with your child any item he/she brings home that does not belong to him, and to notify the homeroom teacher about it (by text message, email or phone call).
Tissue For the Classroom-Please send in a box of tissue (Kleenex) with your child to school as soos as possible.
Library- Please make sure your child brings back his/her library book on his/her library day every week.
P.E- Please make sure your child wears proper running shoes and clothes on the days when he/she has P.E.

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