Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dear Parents,

 We hope your holdays were filled with joy and happiness. It is wonderful to see everyone back at school! Please remind your child that he/she is returning back to school and that means that he/she must turn his/her 'thinking switch' on; follow classroom and school rules and bring his/her folder to school each day with his/her completed homework. We also all know how hard it is to wake up early again after a long holiday so we would like to remind all parents the importance of having your child go to sleep earlier on school days and having a healthy breakfast before school each morning.
Furthermore, second quarter report cards will be going home next Friday, January 13th. Parent/teacher conferences will be held the same day in the afternoon. This will be a half day for students.Conferences will be held on a need to see basis. If you would like to schedule a conference please let us know.
This week your child will inquire into the following:

Language Arts
  • Phonics- Students will be reviewing words from the Word Wall this week through various chants and activities. 
  • Reading-This week your child will be exploring the reading skill relating story events to personal experiences by reading The Little Engine That Could. You can practice this skill at home by asking your child to tell you about the story after he/she read it and how an event from the story relates to him/her. 
  •  Writing- Your child will be using the general skills and strategies of the writing process to write about his/her favorite part of his/her winter break. The class will inquire into the first two skills this week; 1)prewriting and 2) drafting 
Math- The class will continue working on Chapter 5, Geometry and Fractions. This week your child will begin investigating fractions. Each child is responsible to understand and create equal parts of shapes; halves, thirds, and quarters. You can help your child better understand fractions by showing them different ways food can be cut-up. For example, make a fruit salad and ask your child how an apple, orange, and/or banana can be cut-up to show different equal parts. Also, have your child play some of the online math games that you can find under the 'Links' heading.


Math- Equal Parts worksheet
Language Arts- Phonics worksheet
Reading-Read 10 minutes

Math- Halves worksheet
Language Arts-Phonics worksheet
Reading- Read 10 minutes

Parent/Teacher Conferences- January 13th in the afternoon.
1/2 Day- January 13th

Sweaters/Jackets and Other Objects: We ask parents to label all their child’s belongings with a permanent marker. This makes it easier for us to help you look for things if they are misplaced or lost. We also ask for your cooperation by sending back with your child any item he/she brings home that does not belong to him, and to notify the homeroom teacher about it (by text message, email or phone call).

Parent Workshop: Our school counselor, Ms. Ivonne Casco, will be hosting a workshop for parents on Friday, January 20, at 1:30 p.m.
Professional Development Wednesday: Our third Staff Development Wednesday will take place onWednesday, January 18. This is an early dismissal day (PM Schedule) for students.
DPTO Fun Run: Our annual school Fun Run will take place on Saturday, January 28, from 8:30 a.m. There will be the traditional run, games, and a complimentary pancake and fruit breakfast to follow. The pledge forms were sent before the Winter Holiday; however, if you would like an additional copy, please download it from the administration blogs.

No School-Martin Luther King Day-January 16th
Tissue For the Classroom-Please send in a box of tissue (Kleenex) with your child to school as soos as possible.
Library- Please make sure your child brings back his/her library book on his/her library day every week.
P.E- Please make sure your child wears proper running shoes and clothes on the days when he/she has P.E.

Secret Word- Fraction

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