Friday, May 13, 2011

Week 38, May 16th-20th

Dear Parents,

We hope everyone had a relaxing weekend.  Our fieldtrip to ORPRA was a great experience. We saw all different types of animals. The students enjoyed holding a huge snake! Thanks to all the parents who accompanied us, you were a great help!
There are a few reminders we would like all parents to mark in their calendars;
  • Discovery Idol- This year the school will be having the annual 'Discovery Idol'! This is a talent competion that is open to all students. If your child would like to participate, auditions will be held on May 17th and 18th. More information will be sent home soon.
  • Discovery Zone Summer Camp- begins June 13th. More information will be sent home this week.
  • Please have your child bring back his/her progress report if he/she has not done so already.
The studens will be starting to research an animal of his/her choice this week. If your child has any animal fact books at home that they would like to share with the class, please have him/her bring it in this week.

This week your child will be inquiring into the following:

Language Arts
  • Phonics- The new words for this week are around, farm, three, small, and does. The students will be learning these words plus reviewing older ones daily through chants and various activites.
  • Writing- Your child will be reviewing the writing process and learning how to write in order to inform and learn by researching and writing about an animal of his/her choice.
  • Reading-Your child will be reading a non-fiction text entitled Animals, Animals. He/she will use this text to inquire into the reading skill of relating new information to prior information, as well as reviewing parts of speech.
Math- This week the students will be focusing on adding and subtracting multiples of 10 to a 2-digit number and adding and subtracting 2-digit numers without regrouping. Please review addition and subtraction facts up to 20 daily. You can do so by having your child play the online Math games that are located under the 'links' heading.

Theme-Science-Organisims- This week your child research an animal of his/her choice. He/she will be writing and creating a poster about an animal and present his/her work at the end of the week.

-Reading- Read 10 minutes
-Math-Adding Tens worksheet
-L.A- read Animals, Animals
-Reading- Read 10 minutes
-Math-Adding 2-Digit Numbers worksheet
-Theme- What Can You Find worksheet

-Reading-Read 10 minutes
-Math-Subtracting Groups of 10 worksheet
-L.A- Making sentences

-Reading- Read 10 minutes
-Math-Subtracting Tens From 2-Digit Numbers worksheet
-Phonics-Study for spelling challenge


  • Progress Reports- please bring them back A.S.A.P
  • If your child has any animal books, please bring them to school
  • DPTO-check the DPTO website for up coming events and information. DPTO
  • Please label ALL of your child's belongings with a permanent marker; lunch boxes, containers, sweaters, water bottles, bags, etc.
  • Water Bottles- Your child must come to school with a water bottle every day.
  • Library- Please make sure that your child brings his/her library book to school on his/her assigned library day.

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