Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 21- January 10th-14th

Dear Parents,

We hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and are ready for our first full week back at school!
Along with inquiring into many new and exciting subject areas, the students will be investigating the life Martin Luther King Jr. You can help your child better understand why Martin Luther King is regarded as an influenctial civil rights leader by discussing the meaning of civil rights, freedom and equality at home.
Just a quick reminder, there will be scheduled parent-teacher conferences this Friday, January 14th, in the afternoon. This will be a half day for all students. They will be going home at 11:45 a.m. Students do not need to bring a lunch that day, only a snack. Also, there will be no school on Monday, January 17th, which is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
This week your child will be learning the following:

Langauge Arts
  • Phonics- This week's new words are find, long, down, day, and did. Your child will be exploring the spelling patterns of these words as well as the old words through various games and activites.
  • Reading- This week your child will be reading a non-fiction text about Martin Luther King Jr. They will be asked to relate new information to their prior knowledge of the man.
  • Writing- You child will be learing how to write in 2 different forms; poetry and informational text.
Math- The class will be beginning a new chapter this week; Chapter 6-Time. They will be identifying the minute and hour hand, as well as determining which daily activities take more/ less than a minute to complete and knowing the difference between a digital clock and an analog clock. The new math vocabulary words for this week are minute, hour, hour, hand, minute hand, and o'clock. Your child can practice his/her time skills by playing some of the on-line math games under the 'Links' heading. Each student is also responsible for knowing all the doubles and sums that make 10, as well as the inverse of these addition facts. The class will be starting to have minute math challenges with these facts this week.

Theme- Social Studies- This week, your child will be investigating the life of Martin Luther King Jr. He/ she will be practicing his/her reading and writing skills through various activities that will be connected to this great civil rights leader's life.


-Math- review addition facts up to 12
-Reading- read 10 minutes

-Math- Minutes worksheet
-Reading- Read 10 minutes

-Writing- write about one thing that you would like to change in the world. Some students will be asked to write why. Then, draw a picture of what you would like to change.
-Reading-read 10 minutes

-Math- Problem Solving worksheet
-Spelling- review this week's words for the spelling challenge
-Reading-read 10 minutes


  1. Half Day-Friday, January 14th
  2. Parent-Teacher Conferences- Friday afternoon, January 14th
  3. No School- Martin Luther King Jr. Day- Monday, January 17th
  4. Water Bottles- all students must bring a water bottle to school. There will be no more plastic cups given to students this new year.
  5. P.E. days- Please make sure your chid wears appropriate clothing and footwear on his/her P.E. day.
  6. Library- Please make sure your child returns his/her book each week on his/her library day.
Secret Word-freedom

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