Monday, November 29, 2010

Week 17 November 29th -December 3rd

Dear Parents,
We hope you all had a super Thanksgiving and are ready for another great week!
This week, your child will inquire into the following:

Language Arts
  1. Phonics-The 5 new words for this week are : were, words, their, other, and about. Your child will explore these spelling patterns as well as review older Word Wall words through various activites.
  2. Reading-This week your child will be learning to read and follow written directions. You can help your child with this skill by asking them to help you make something that requires you to follow written directions. For example, you can follow a receip or assemble a toy.
  3. Writing- This week your child will be investigating how to write a letter. The class will be focusing on the 3 main parts of a letter; Greeting, Body, and Closing.
We will begin Chapter 5, Geometry and Fractions. The students will be learning about plane shapes and fractions. Some of the math vocabulary we will be introducing are plane shape, line of symmetry, vertex, vertices.

We will be wrapping up our Weather unit this week.We will preforming  experiments using thermometers and diffferent water temperatures.

Reading Buddies
This coming Thursday we will be meeting with our 4th grade reading buddies. We will be sharing our favorite holiday books. Have your child bring in his/ her favorite holiday book by Thursday. ( The book can be about any holiday, eg. Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentine's, Halloween etc.)

Homework Tracker

  • Monday
-Language Arts worksheet
-Practice Mental Math sums up to 12( prcatice using one of your favorite games on the computer)
-Read 10 min.
  • Tuesday
-Math  worksheet  E 5-4
-Read 10 min.

  • Wednesday
-Math page167
-Read 10 min
-** Bring your favorite holiday book***

  • Thursday
-Study for spelling challenge/ word search
-Read 10 min

Math Games
BBC- Word and Picture Games
On-line Stories
Magic School Bus Online Fun
What's In The Bag? Game

Magic Word- Letter

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