Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 16 Novemeber 22nd -26th

Dear Parents,

We hope you had a relaxing and fun weekend. Please remember that this is a short week for the students.There will be no school this Thursday and Friday.

We will be having our student-only Thanksgiving lunch thisWednesday, November 24th. If you have not sent in the payment, please do so as soon as possible (110Lempiras).

This week, your child will be inquiring into the following:
Language Arts
  • Phonics-The students will be reviewing all the older words through various games and activites. You can help your child learn these words by reviewing the words with your child each night and showing them vairous patterns in the words; for example, you can show your child how the word play and day rhyme and belong to the same word family. There is NO spelling challenge this week.

  • Reading-This week we will focus on gathering informationm from non-fiction  texts.We will be reading and discussing about Thanksgiving.

 You can help your child better understand this skill by reading with them nightly and asking him/her to tell you what genre the book was and why. Your child will be a better reader if he/she reads each night for 10 minutes and you ask him/her comprehension questions about his/her reading.You can find more information about reading with your child at the bottom of this blog.
  • Writing-This week your child will continue exploring the second step of writing process; putting ideas into complete sentences.

You can help your child become better writers by having him/her write nightly and sharing his/her writing with you. You can buy your child a diary/journal which he/she can write in, or you can write a sentene in a mixed up order and ask him/her to put the sentence in order.

Math- We will be reviewing additionand subtraction facts up to 12. We will be playing a variety of math games that focus on these skills.

Theme- Social Studies- We will be tying in our Reading with our Theme lesson this week, our focus will be on Thanksgiving.


 Monday: Sign progress reports and return
                Math work Sheet
                Read 10 min.

Tuesday: Language Worksheet
                Read 10 min.

Math Games
BBC- Words and Pictures
Stories On-line

Have A and SafeWonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!
see you on Monday, Novemeber29th

Secret Word: Turkey

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