Friday, December 2, 2016

Week December 5 - 9

Songfest will shortly be upon us. The students will perform a Guillermo Anderson song called “El Jardin”. For Songfest, the girls must wear green or brown clothes. The flowers are going to be done in school. Our only boy will be performing as a gardener so he must come dressed as one.
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Date, Time and Location – Our Songfest this year will take place in MACC - on Friday, December 9 at 6:00 p.m. A map will be sent to your email with specific directions on how to get there. This day we will be releasing our students at 11: 45 a.m. so our teachers and music department can transport all the necessary instruments and do the appropriate set up for the event.

Performances and Parent Collaboration – Parents are asked to cooperate with our Song Fest in making sure their students are dressed properly for their presentations, and making sure the students are at the venue no later that 5:30 p.m. Please note the descriptions below. If any parent has a question, please contact your homeroom teacher. 

Our class Christmas celebration will take place on Friday, December 16th. We will celebrate this day by enjoying our annual gift exchange, watching a movie, and having Christmas breakfast and lunch. 
·      The students may come dressed in their pajamas, Christmas hats and bring their favorite stuffed animal.
Please help us decorate our tree by sending in at least 2 ornaments!

The first grade gift exchange is a tradition in our class and we hope to have everyone participate this year. We ask that you buy a gift for your own child. The gift should not be more that 200 Lps. Please bring the gift wrapped and labeled with your child´s name as soon as possible. Please do not show your child the gift since we want this to be a surprise for them.
We are requesting Lps. 50.00 to take a picture with Santa.  Please send it by Friday December 9, 2016.  
This week your child will be inquiring into the following:

This week your child will be reviewing all the Word Wall words with various chants and activities. The spelling challenge will be on Friday. 
Vocab: get, come, may, made, part, are

The students will continue learning about the winter festivals that take place around the world. 

We will continue writing narratives. The students will learn the components of a narrative then they will create their own narratives.  

 We will start learning about nonstandard measurement. We will be doing various measuring activities. 
This week your child will continue to apply concepts of addition and subtraction throughout the chapter. They will learn how addition and subtraction are related. They will also learn how to identify and use related facts. 


Reading: Read for 10 minutes and fill in the reading log.
Working With Words: Expanding sentences with Adjectives

Reading: Read for 10 minutes and fill in the reading log.
Math:  Addition and Subtraction related facts

Reading: Read for 10 minutes and fill in the reading log.
Spanish:  Worksheet

Reading: Read for 10 minutes and fill in the reading log.
Working With Words:  Study for Spelling challenge

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