Friday, August 19, 2016

Week 3 August 22-26

August 22, 2016

Dear Parents,

We hope everyone had a great weekend!!!  We have been learning a lot since we started school and students are excited. Please read the blog every Monday, so that you are aware of what is happening in grade 1!
If your child has not done so already, I ask that each child bring a water bottle, book bag, and lunch box to school daily. Each item should have the child´s name clearly labeled on it.
Under the heading Pages (to the right of our blog) you will find all the links to the different blogs. Please refer to them weekly so that you are informed of what is happening in special classes.

This week your child will inquire into the following:
Language Arts
Working with Words: This week your child will be learning these five wordsthere, use, an, eachand which. The students will be doing various activities and chants with the words. Please practice them at home on a daily basis since they will have their spelling challenge every Friday. 

Reading: This week your child will be reviewing his/her book knowledge. Your child will be inquiring into book elements. We will be wrapping up the major events of 
A Kiss for Little Bear  Your child will discuss the major events of the story, write, and draw the beginning, middle and end of the story. We will use the new vocabulary from the story in sentences.

 Writing: Your child will continue exploring Opinion Writing.  The students will be able to write, state their opinion, supply at least one reason for their opinion and provide a sense of closure. We will help them focus on a topic, answer questions and add details to strengthen their writing.
Math:The students will learn about the properties of addition. They will be introduced to adding with zero and to the commutative property. 
Social Studies: This week your child will be inquiring into citizenship. We will define RESPONSIBILITY, COMPASSION and RESPECT. Your child will learn these citizenship values through shared reading, watching videos and various role playing activities.

During this week I will send, an orange piece of paper with your child's username and password. Please feel free to practice the skills at your leisure.Sometimes we will assign certain skills to be done as homework.


Reading - read for 10 minutes and fill in the Reading Log
Working with Words: Write the sight words in ABC order

Reading - read for 10 minutes and fill in the Reading Log
Math –Adding with zero.

Reading - read for 10 minutes and fill in the Reading Log
Math- Adding in any order.

Reading - read for 10 minutes and fill in the Reading Log
Working with Words: Rainbow words Worksheet

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