Friday, March 20, 2015

March 23, 2015

Dear Parents,

We hope you had a great long weekend!
Let’s keep on reading; the Dr. Seuss’ Read-A-Thon is almost over!

Time to Travel
 Dear Parents,
As part of our Social Studies theme, “Maps and Communities”, the first graders will be going on a field trip to Parque El Picacho on Tuesday, March 24th. The students will be leaving school at 8:30am.The students will spend the morning at the park identifying and discussing physical and human characteristics of Tegucigalpa. If you happen to have binoculars that your child can be responsible for and bring on the trip, then please have him/her bring them.
 The students will be having their morning snack at the park. Please have your child  bring a snack and water bottle from home on that day.
After visiting Cristo Del Picacho, first grade will be celebrating their Easter party at Banco Centroamericano Sports Club (BCIE). The children will enjoy playing outdoors, swimming and lunch. Lunch must be purchased at BCIE Club. 
The cost per student for the trip is 150 Lempiras plus lunch. This fee includes: transportation, entrance fees to El Picacho Park, El Cristo Del Picacho and the sports club.

Lunch must be purchased at BCIE sports club.

Please circle the menu option of your choice and add the price to the amount above.
Menu 1   115 Lps

Menu 2  90 Lps

Menu 3    85 Lps
Chicken Tenders + fries +drink
Club Sandwich+ fries +drink
 Hamburger + fries +drink
·         My child, __________________________________ has permission to go on the field trip.
·         I am enclosing 150 Lempiras + _______ for menu #____
·         ____ I will join the class on the field trip.
Grade 1 Teachers

This week your child will inquire into the following:

Language Arts

Working with Words:
Your child will be reviewing older words through various chants and activities.

We will be reading prose poetry related to EASTER.
We will identify words and phrases in the poem that suggest feeling or appeal to the senses.
Students will participate in a shared research writing project about Easter. They will be introduced to the words Acrostic Poem.

We will continue with Chapter 8. We will learn different strategies on how to add and subtract two digit numbers!

Social Studies:
We will finish our unit on MAPS and OUR COMMUNITY. To wrap up this unit we will be going on our field trip to CRISTO DEL PICACHO on Tuesday March 24, 2015.  

Reading-: Read for at least 10 minutes and record pages read in log
Math: Worksheet

Art: Prepare, decorate and make your Easter Basket for tomorrow. Be creative and surprise us!!

Reading:  Read for at least 10 minutes and record pages read in log

EARLY CHILDHOOD AND ELEMENTARY READ-A-THON –This is the last week of our Read-a-thon! Grades Kindergarten through five are participating in this month long competition. Students should be completing the reading logs and turning them in this Wednesday The winner from each class will go out to lunch as a special treat from our DPTO!

BRICKS4KIDZ - After conducting exit surveys that reveal what a success this activity was, and given its educational value, the school will be offering a Second Module of Bricks4kidz. The session will be held on Fridays (in April 10,17 and 24; in May 8,15 and 22) from 3:15 to 4:15 and will be open for students in from kindergarten to grade five. Registration will be available on the afternoons of Friday, March 20 and Wednesday, March 25. Hurry and save your space!

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