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Week 4 August 25-29,2014

Dear Parents,

We hope everyone had a great weekend!!!  We have been learning a lot since we started school and students are excited. Please read the blog every Monday, so that you are aware of what is happening in grade 1!

If you have not sent in the money for the class fee, please do so as soon as possible. 150$ or 3,250.00 Lempira

If your child has not done so already, I ask that each child bring a water bottle, book bag, and lunch box to school daily. Each item should have the child´s name clearly labeled on it.

Under the heading Pages (to the right of our blog) you will find all the links to the different blogs. Please refer to them weekly so that you are informed of what is                                                         happening in special classes

This Friday, Aug. 29,  all Discovery School, will be having an ECO FRIENDLY LUNCH. Please make sure that   you pack a "WASTE FREE LUNCH" for your child.

Join in the fun activities to help us learn ways to reduce waste! Activities will be held during elementary lunch recess! For more information on waste free lunches, visit
To learn more about waste free lunches and overall waste reduction, including the recycling program at school, the 10th grade environmental science students will visit us with fun lesson and activities on Monday, August 25th and Tuesday, August 26th.

EARLY DISMISSAL ON WEDNESDAY – We want to remind our parents and students that this Wednesday, August 27 is the first professional development day for teachers this school year. On this Wednesday (as with every last Wednesday of each month) the students will be dismissed at 11:45 so teachers can work on training and curriculum work. Please make sure you make the necessary arrangements for this early dismissal. We will follow AM Schedule.

SPECIAL SCHOOL VISITOR - We are cordially inviting all DS parents to come and meet Mr. Mike Sexton, representative of the Overseas Schools Project in the Department of State, which provides support for schools attended by children of US Embassy personnel. Mr. Sexton is currently Vice President for Enrollment Management at Santa Clara University and has been in college admissions for thirty-six years. He would love to meet you over coffee this coming Thursday, Aug. 28. At 8:00 a.m., in the Library. Hope to see you there!

Discovery School subscribes to IXL. This is an online math and language support for students.  New usernames and passwords have already been sent home and the skills they need to practice for this week are:
B.1, B.2, B.4

Last, we would like to remind all the parents how important it is to read the blog every Monday. The blog is where we will communicate all the important events, weekly teaching, learning objectives and daily homework.


This week your child will inquire into the following:

Working with Words: This week your child will be learning these five words and doing various activities and chants with the words. Please practice them at home on a daily basis since they will have their spelling challenge every Friday. 


use, an, each, which, how.

Reading: This week your child will be reviewing his/her book knowledge. Your child will be inquiring into book elements. We will be wrapping up the major events of A Kiss for Little Bear. Your child will discuss the major events of the story, write, and draw the beginning, middle and end of the story. We will use the new vocabulary from the story in sentences.
On Tuesday, we will introduce the story The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. We will learn new vocabulary and use good reading strategies.

Vocabulary: stump, trunk, carried, climbed, branches, forest, gather, leaves, sailed, shade

Writing: Your child will continue exploring Opinion Writing.  The students will be able to write, state their opinion, supply at least one reason for their opinion and provide a sense of closure. We will help them focus on a topic, answer questions and add details to strengthen their writing.


Math: This week your child will:

Ø  Compare and order numbers through 12.
Ø  Review skills, and strategies learned.
Ø  Create addition and subtraction stories.
Ø  Act out and tell stories to find out how many in all.

Social StudiesThis week your child will be inquiring into citizenship. We will define RESPONSIBILITY, COMPASSION and RESPECT. Your child will learn these citizenship values through shared reading, watching videos  and various role playing activities.

Reading - read for 10 minutes and fill in the Reading Log
Math – Ordering numbers wk. bk. Pg. 31-32
Working with Words: Write words in ABC order

Reading - read for 10 minutes and fill in the Reading Log
Math – Chapter 1 review wk. bk. pg. 42
Working with Words: Make rhyming words pg.6 (spelling and writing)

Reading - read for 10 minutes and fill in the Reading Log
Math – Play cover the Beds 44
Spanish: Worksheet

Reading - read for 10 minutes and fill in the Reading Log
Math – Stories about JOINING E-2-1
Working with Words: Practice spelling the words by cutting the letter pieces and having your child spell the words.

Mrs. Nora, Mrs. Colette and Ms. Andrea

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