Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week 26 February 14th-18th

Dear Parents,

Happy Valentine's day! Hope you're all ready for a great week.
We are still collecting small boxes for a project the first graders will be doing in the next couple of weeks. We are also asking for maps(country maps, mall maps, subway maps). This is to go with the next Social Studies unit. If you would like the map to be returned, please tell your child's teacher and she will make sure that you get the map back at the end of the unit. Furthermore, we would like to remind all parents that there will be no school this Friday, February 18th and next Monday, February 21st.
Last, your child will be starting his/her research about his/her pet or a pet that he/she would like to have. We will be sending more information at the end of this week.
This week, your child will inquire into the following:

Language Arts
  • Phonics-This week's words are people, way, than, water, and first. The Spelling Challenge this week will be on Thursday, February 17th. Your child will be learning the spelling patterns of these words and older words through chants and various activities.
  • Reading- This week your child will be starting to learn how to gather research. He/she will be learing the difference about facts and opinons.
  • Wrtiting- Your child will be writing a friendly letter to a classmate.
Math-This week is the last week of Chapter 7. Your child will investigate patterns in tables, numbers that come before, after and between two given numbers, odd and even numbers, and ordinal numbers. We are finding that many students are not confident in counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s. Please review this skill with your child nightly. There are some online math games under the 'Links' heading that will help your child with various number skills.

Theme-Social Studies-Our Community-Your child will be starting a new unit this week. He/she will begin this unit by learning how to read pictorial maps, the meaning of map keys, and how to read them. You can help your child better understand this skill by discussing about the various types of maps, what they are, why we have, and use them.


-Reading-Read 10 minutes
-Language Arts-All Mixed Up worksheet

-Reading-Read 10 minutes
-Math-Before, Between, and After worksheet
-Language Arts-That Belongs Worksheet

-Reading-Read 10 minutes
-Math-Coloring Odds/Evens worksheet
-Phonics-study for spelling challenge


  1. No School- February 18th and 21st
  2. Boxes and Maps- please bring any small boxes and spare maps to class.
  3. DPTO-check the DPTO website for up coming events and information. DPTO
  4. Please label ALL of your child's belongings with a permanent marker; lunch boxes, containers, sweaters, water bottles, bags, etc.
  5. Water Bottles- Your child must come to school with a water bottle every day.
  6. Library- Please make sure that your child brings his/her library book to school on his/her assigned library day.
  7. The Chronicles of Discovery, a literary and art magazine for Discovery School high school students will be coming soon.
    Submissions for both art and literature are being accepted now until March 11.
    The official award ceremony will take place in April.
    For more information contact Mr. Fenn or Ms. Campbell.

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