Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week 14 November 8th-12th

Class Pictures- Monday, November 8th at 9:00 a.m

Dear Parents,

Class and student pictures will be taken this Monday, November 8th, at 9:00 a.m. If you still have not purchased your photo package, you can do so by sending in the money and form with your child on Monday.

This week you child will be inquiring into the following skills;

Language Arts
  1. Phonics- This week's words are there, will, how, like and play. Your child will be exploring the spelling patterns and blends of these words plus the other Word Wall words through various activities.
  2. Reading- This week your child will be learning the difference between fiction and non-fiction. You can help your child better understand this skill by reading both fiction and non-fiction books with them this week and asking them to compare the 2 genres.
  3. Writing-This week your child will exploring the first stage of the writing process; Planning. Your child will be discussing with his/her classmates what he/she plans to write about and what words he/she will include in his/her writing.
Math- This week your child be learning about related facts, fact framilies, which operation (addition or subtraction) should be used to solve a problem and reviewing chapter 4. You can help your child better understand these skills by practicing the doubles, asking your child to write/say the fact families and why they are a family, and having your child play one of the many online math games.

Theme- Science- Weather- This week your child will be exploring the ways people record and observe weather. The class will be introduced to the new vocabulary words; cloud cover, percipitation and meterologist. You child will be performing 2 experiements to better understand how to measure wind and temperature. At home, you can help your child be discussing the different weather conditions, asking them to watch the weather report/ channel with you, reviewing the new English vocaublary.


-Reading- read 10 minutes
-Math- math subtraction worksheet
-Phonics- spelling vocabulary worksheet

-Reading-read 10 minutes
-Math-math subtraction worksheet
-Theme-Favorite Thing to Do- seasons worksheet

-Reading-read 10 minutes
-Math-subtraction worksheet
-Theme-Predict tomorrow's weather

-Read 10 minutes
-Phonics-spelling worksheet
-Math-subtraction worksheet


We would like to thank you for the donating Zip-Lock bags to our classrooms. We great appreciate all the help we recieve from the parents!

  • Picture Day-Monday, November 8th at 9:00 a.m.
  • Wear Green- To show support to the Senior Class for their reforestation project-Tuesday, November 9th
  • Discover Goes Green, Tree Planting Day- Sunday, November 14th from 9:00-3:00. If you wish to support and protect our school grounds and the environment, then adopt a plant for only 250. Lempiras. If you still have not purchased a tree you may send the money in with your child.The class that purchases the most trees wins a pizza party!
  • P.E- All students must wear proper running shoes on their designated P.E. days.
  • Water Bottles- Students must come to school with a water bottle every day.
  • DPO Website-Check out the latest DPO news!

Here are some helpful links that will help you and your child at school.
Construct A Word
Clifford On-Line reading and games
Super Phonics and Early Readers website-listen to letters and stories
On-Line Stories
Word Games PBS Kids
Funbrain Math Game's Finder

Secret Word: Smile

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