Sunday, September 5, 2010

Week 5 September 6-10

Week 5

September 6, 2010

Dear Parents,

This week we are going to be very busy working on our Independence Day float. We have been talking about different kinds of food, in particular, Honduran typical food.

It is a pleasure to invite you to our Independence Day celebration this coming Friday September 10 th from 9:00-11:30 a.m. As part of the educational activities taking place on that day we will be serving typical Honduran food at the end of the program. We are asking for your contribution of 100 Lps. per family. Please send it in with your yougest child as soon as possible.

If your child has a typical Honduran outfit, please have them wear it this coming Friday. If not , have your child come to school in jeans, a white t shirt, cowboy hat, and a red bandana/handkerchief tied aound their neck.

Friday September 6      Early Dismissal

September 13-15            Independence Day Holiday

September 16                  Classes Resume

This week we will be working on the following:

Language Arts: We will continue assessing your child to determine academic strengths and areas of growth

Phonics/ Spelling: Word list was, on, are, as, with

Review and practice these words with your child every day

Spelling challenge on Friday

Social Studies: Working on our Independence Day float, First Grade theme Typical Honduran Food

Math: Chapter 2 See Attached Letter

Vocabulary and(+) , is(=) , in all

Homework Tracker

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  1. I like the "secret word of the week" approach to getting parents to read the blog!